Plan's Power Organization for human development with the slogan of development, growth and awareness we work for a more developed, grown, aware, powerful and experienced communal.

Plan’s power organization opened a one-year course on making Zahi soap and shampoo factory which benefited more than 800 men and women

In order to increase job opportunities and domestic factories and reduce unemployment, Planning Power Organization opened 18 courses that included more than 800 participants. The course was completed within one year and the participants were awarded certificates of participation

It is worth mentioning that the course had participants from all cities of the Kurdistan Region and most of the participants became self-employed and were happy that there is such an advanced scientific course in the Kurdistan Region
Our organization helped most of the participants by providing them with basic materials to start their business

Participants were trained on how to market their products and how to sell them

At the same time, the participants went on several scientific trips during the year
It was done

These courses are still available for anyone who wants to participate


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